salutations, it's me kortney!


I attended school at UC Santa Barbara and graduated with an Art degree. My friends would joke that I wasn't a student there because I'd be gone most weekends working on my main love -photography. I graduated long ago, so let's say I still kinda really love photography.

get to know me

who i am

Sentimental and nostalgic at heart. Wildly imaginative and playful. Outgoing and introverted soul -seems I'm in the right line of work because most of the time, I am happily holed up in my office editing a session or planning the next adventure.

My affair with photography began in 2011 when I was gifted my first Canon DSLR. Speaking of affair, it's a family one as well. From my uncle doing studio wedding portraits, to my two aunts being incredible wedding photographers -it wasn't that difficult for me to weasel my way into the industry with such amazing mentors. 

my why

"Pics or it didn't happen"... I have a memory of a goldfish and if it weren't for photos (and videos), it'd be game over for me.

My philosophy navigating life and photography revolves around the idea of impermanence. Life is in a constant flux -we as individuals are always changing via the experiences, lessons and people we surround ourselves with.

It makes me grateful to live in the now and exist for the present. I'm not one to daydream too much about the future, because without the present, there wouldn't be the future.

As your wedding day is unfolding, I'm there with my camera ready to snap away because I know those moments are fleeting and will never happen again.


I am a creature of habit. Catch me at the gym Monday - Friday. It is my safe haven and my routine of comfort. I love seeing my regulars show up and start their day by putting in the work to become a better version of themselves.

Aside from photography and the gym, I spend my time ogling at my indoor plants, playing strategic board games, dealing stickers and stationery with my other business From Kioni and tickling my brain's curiosities with new information.

More than anything though, I love to be with the humans I love -my family and chosen family.


I grew up in Orange County, California, and never appreciated the proximity of the dessert, ocean and mountains. It wasn't until I made my way to school in Santa Barbara that I learned that there's more beyond the OC bubble.

California is my home, and even though I've traveled to so many places, this is where my heart always comes back to.

enough about me, tell me more about you!

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