engraved heirloom keepsake

Your memories shouldn't live on a screen. Love the little memories of yours the way they're meant to be loved.

all engraved heirloom keepsakes include

Walnut photo box, 100 4"x6" curated prints and 4 gb flash drive recounting your day.

how does this work?


Favorite 100 images from your gallery and send them over to me to go into print production.


Meanwhile, decide on what you'd like for your custom engraving.


I’ll send back the design, and once you love it, we will put the order in!


Your engraved heirloom keepsake will go into production and will be done is 2-4 weeks!


01. How long does it take to get my engraved heirloom keepsake?

From the time you order your engraved heirloom keepsake to it being on your doorstep is 4 weeks.

03. How much is shipping?

NOTHING, because I got you!

05. Can i use a drawing instead of text for the engraving?

Heck yeah! Get in touch with me if there's a specific illustration you have in mind that you'd like on your box.

02. Will I be able to see what images are in my keepsake before I order it?

Yes! I'll have you select your top 100 images from your online gallery that you'd like in your box.

04. Do we have to add on an heirloom keepsake while booking or can we purchase one later?

You can do either! There's no rush to getting one before your event, so you can add one any time down the road. They make for great gifts!

ready to give your photos the life they deserve?


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