petite portrait album

Your memories shouldn't live on a screen. Love the little memories of yours the way they're meant to be loved.

Photo albums are held in our hands. They are tactile and tangible and uniquely different from the many experiences we have with our screens.


Photo albums allow us to relive life's most cherished moments and revisit those who mattered most.


Technology evolves every day, and digital images require constant maintenance to remain accessible. Photo albums are forever and unchanging.


Photo albums force us to put our face-paced lives on pause. We close the door to the outside world when we open the pages to the past.


how does this work?


First, favorite 15 - 25 images from your gallery and send them over to me so I can start designing your album.


While I work on designing it, you pick your album’s size, cover, amount of spreads, and embossing options.


I’ll send back the design layout, you let me know if you want any changes made and once you love it, we will put the order in!


Your album will go into production, and will be done is 3-5 weeks!

6" x 6" petite album


set of 3 duplicates


3 identical 6" x 6" petite albums -great for gifting!


Linen or Velvet


Gold Heart or Plain Cover

all albums include

5 spreads (10 pages), semi-thick lay flat Fuji DP2 Lustre paper, cover debossing and 2 rounds of revision.

Each spread contains 3-5 images. Every portrait session is unique, so you have the option to add more spreads.

à la carte

$15 for each additional spread

$25 for each additional revision


01. How long does it take to get my album?

From the time you order your album to it being on your doorstep is 4 weeks. It takes a while because these albums are all handmade, one by one, bound and stitched and printed to make sure they're super duper high quality.

03. How do I know what images will be in my album?

Go through your gallery, pick your favorite 15 - 25 images, and then share those favorites with me. I'll use these images to design your album so it's full of all your faves!

05. How much is shipping?

NOTHING, because I got you!

07. Why is there limited cover & embossing options?

Due to the nature and size of the petite albums, custom personalization and leather is not available.

02. Will I be able to see what images are in my album before I order it?

Absolutely! I design albums through an awesome program that will let us send the final spreads back and forth for your confirmation.

04. How long is the design & revision process?

Your initial design will be ready within 5 business days. You will have the option to make two rounds of revisions; each updated proof will be ready in 2 business days once you’ve submitted revisions. Once you give the final approval, the design process is complete and you are ready to order your album.

06. Do we have to add on an album while booking or can we purchase one later?

You can do either! They make for great gifts as well!

08. Why not just print the photos ourselves like at Walmart or CVS?

If the finer things in life were affordable, then please sign me up. My albums are handcrafted using the finest materials to ensure a long life to bring warmth in your home and carry memories for generations. Long story short, you get what you pay for.

ready to give your photos the life they deserve?


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