In January I went to Paris with my fam bam. If you don't know, when I travel anywhere, I tend to post on my Instagram stories and have a mini vlog on there. Ivy slid through to my direct messages saying her and her favorite human was also there.

To give you context, I went to high school with Ivy. She's a year younger than me and brilliant as hell. We were in the same math class together (AP Calculus AB). Ah, good times with Mrs. Foster. Haha!

Aside from it being my first time in Paris, it was also Andy's. We decided to meet up at a location near the Eiffel Tower. I was a little bit nervous though because my data was non-existent in this foreign country. Imagine calling an Uber Share from the comfort of your Airbnb that has internet connection, scrambling down from the 5th floor, walking 200 meters to meet your driver on a busy ass street. And then due to unforeseen events, you're running 10 minutes late and you have no way of contacting the person you're meeting up with.

Yeah, how did people do it with just letters back then?! RESPECT.

As you can see, with just a little bit of anxiety (high key though) I was successfully able to say that I don't need internet to meet my friends. Though I would not do it again. Haha!

Honestly, it was so much fun navigating this part of Paris with Ivy and Andy. We meandered through a Christmas market, had vin rouge chaud, spoke terrible French (all me) and saw a creepy jankey Mickey Mouse literally preying on children.

I sincerely appreciate the beauty of social media and the internet -how it makes it so easy to connect with people when you're anywhere in the world.

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