I have those days where I’m in a creative rut and feel incompetent about the work I’m producing. Then I start comparing myself to others who seem to be doing way better than I am. From there my thoughts begin to spiral downward and suddenly, I’m drowning.

Although I have not figured out the perfect solution to get out of these moments, I have realized that every person is living on their own timeline in life. Some may seem more advanced than yours, while others not.

Instead of torturing yourself with these negative thoughts of incompetency or feelings that you’re better than someone, the only fair thing to do for yourself is to compare yourself… to yourself. Because the most amazing thing is to see how much you’ve grown as a person from where you were X days/weeks/months/years/decades ago.

The other week I was catching up with my friend since middle school. We were talking about other people who went to school with us and how they were doing. We realized it was so damn amazing how far each person has come and ultimately were in awe how everyone is just trying to live their best life in whatever way that suits them.

So during my creative ruts and feelings of being incompetent, I reflect back on my old work. This image was taken in 2013. It’s been 6 freaking amazing years that’s definitely been filled with learning lessons and growth.

So going forward to 2019, I decided to revisit my model from that 2013 photo. Nope, not the same Silvia from 2013, but the one that has evolved into this confident, intelligent, and beautiful woman. We also invited her sister Isabel to get some cute ass pics of them together to gift their mama photos that showcase the faces she bore and raised.

Also, let’s talk about the space I photographed them in! My badass fairy eyebrow blessing aunt and computer wizard uncle recently purchased and remodeled a house in Anaheim, LEGIT down the street from Disneyland. Whether you’re seeking to vacation in SoCal with friends and family or a creative looking to use this space, check out OC Resort’s Instagram page if this may interest you.

Enjoy these photos!

Photos With Kortney is a California and destination digital family photographer creating timeless and artful imagery to love for years to come.